Brown Eyes Fun Eye Shadow Kit
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Brown Eyes Fun Eye Shadow Kit

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You get 5 high quality 3g jars of colors.

Each jar contains .5 (1/2) gram

For brown eyes, this kit contains:

BlackEye - a dark black with purple highlights shadow/liner!

Kiss - a medium rich sparkly pearly reddish pink!

Turquoise: Light refracting sparkle means this beautiful hue of green/blue can be used as a thin layer to draw attention to an otherwise demure color scheme, or applied thickly to make a showy statement all by itself.

Sunshine: Sparkly super bright yellow warmed with gold flecks.

Vivid: Vividly unique and appropriately named- this color stands out from the crowd. A daring blue with a touch of teal sparkle, can be applied sheer or use wet for rich color.


Give your old makeup the brush off!