Cannibal Jack Sparrow Pirate Makeup Kit
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Cannibal Jack Sparrow Pirate Makeup Kit

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Cannibal Jack Sparrow Halloween/Stage Makeup Kit! This kit contains 5 pots of Halloween kid safe, non-toxic mineral makeup, 1 pot of suntanned bronzer, along with applicators.

Just use as is, or add a few drops of water and it literally paints on!

Use the sponge applicators included, or any paintbrushes can be used, or fingers, Q-tips, whatever!

Completely safe- Non-toxic ingredients (it's our minerals!)and, it's good for your skin.

Instructions for use included, you supply the creativity!

Washes right off with soap and water!

Our fantastic model is the son of
Thank you Cherie!

You Get:

5 Sponge Tipped Applicators
5 pots of makeup, black, light blue, dark blue, brown, and white.
1 pot of dark bronzer for that weathered or tanned look