Expert Series Mineral Makeup Brush Set 5 piece
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Expert Series Mineral Makeup Brush Set 5 piece

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Made with the finest synthetic bristles, this vegan synthetic brush set is quality made and will last for many years!

Eye Shadow brush: 5 1/2” long total. The bristles are 1/2” long.
Perfect to apply mineral eye shadow as it “grabs” the powder and holds it for great placement on your eyelids.

Dual Ended Eye Shadow/Eyeliner brush: The 5-1/2 in. long with a diameter of 1/4 in.
One end is a tapered, fine eyeliner brush. The unique design allows you to put as much or as little liner on as you want, and exactly where you want!
The other end is a full, round silky soft eye shadow brush with a tapered end. This design picks up and holds eye shadow, so generally one swipe across your lids gives you lovely, even coverage.

Concealer/Corrector brush: 6 inches long and just perfect ergonmically. The bristles measure 1/2 inch wide x 9/16 inches long at the center.
Applies concealers and correctors perfectly, and can be used as a wider eye shadow brush if you like.

Eyeliner brush: Perfect for applying eyeliner wet, tapered bristles.

Powder brush: Soft, fluffy vegan bristles hold the powder in for precise application of blushes, bronzers, veil.