Foundation Samples Try Them NOW!!
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Foundation Samples Try Them NOW!!

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3 Samples of Mineral Makeup Foundation and/or veil

One set per customer please! Please use the coupon code FRSA1 at checkout to get them for 1 cent.

Just pay shipping plus 1 cent! These will come in baggies.

If you do not enter the code, you will not get the 1 cent price!

Pick 3 samples total from the list below. This listing is not for eye shadows. You can opt to get one or all 3 in shimmer formula if you like, or sub one for a veil.

If you want any in shimmer, please add that in notes at checkout!


I want you to try my makeup, it speaks for itself!

Foundation Twilight- White.

Alabaster - Now this is as close to white as I can come without being white. Give it a try if nothing else has ever been light enough for you.

Parchment- Light shade for very pale complexions and has a little pink undertone.

Sonnet- Light shade for pinkish skin match or corrects skin with sallow(yellow) undertones.

Bliss- Natural shade, the most popular shade and has a slight pink undertone.

Grace - Pinkish shade for light/medium skin or corrects skin with sallow (yellow) undertones.

Divinity - Tan shade for medium skin and has a slight pink undertone or corrects skin with sallow (yellow) undertones.

Icing - Extra Light neutral shade.

Cream - Light neutral shade.

Almond- Light/medium neutral shade.

Sand - Medium/Dark neutral shade.

Ecru - Dark neutral shade.

Tawny- Extra Dark neutral shade.

Chablis - Cool shade with no pink undertones.

Moonmist- Neutral shade with a tad more yellow or helps correct slight pink undertones.

Oasis - Medium yellow based shade or corrects skin with pink undertones.

Mirage - Neutral medium shade or corrects skin with pink undertones.

Charisma - Yellow based shade for medium-dark skin or corrects skin with red undertones.

Cherish - More yellow based than mirage, but less than Charisma or corrects skin with red undertones.

Ginger - Yellow based shade with pink for darker complexions on the more peach/red side.

Translucent Veil This translucent powder is the perfect primer and setting powder for mineral makeup, or any makeup! You can wear this alone or under or over makeup. It is translucent, so although white when you start, it disappears into your skin! I do not offer colored Veil, as this is specially formulated to be see-through! Foundation is where you get your base color. This fantastic powder sets your makeup and the mica gravitates towards any lines or wrinkles and reflects the light AWAY from flaws! It creates the perfect "soft glow" optical illusion.