Goldenrod Corrector
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Goldenrod Corrector

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Goldenrod~ Use this to correct dark spots, age spots, & under eye circles. Yellow lightens darker skin tones, brightening them. This is also fantastic for eyelids, hiding purple and red tones, brightening them!

10 gram square sifter pot holds 2 grams of Goldenrod.


"I purchased the goldenrod concealer to try to help cover up my under-eye shadows. I suffer some serious purpleness under my eyes, and in the inner corners by my nose. I mean, we are talking serious purple. Nothing I have ever purchased to hide this has looked as natural and beautiful as this concealer. Topped of with a dusting of foundation, and I feel freaking gorgeous. This product is a serious self-esteem booster for me. I am madly in love with it."

"Works like a dream...if (it) can cover my circles, it can conceal a zebra. Thanks so much!"

"LOVE IT! I read a couple of positive comments about this product in your feedback, but I didn't *really* believe that it would work on my life-long allergy shiners. I was wrong. It's quite incredible, I'm very impressed. It totally mutes the dark circles, and the yellow disappears beneath a light dusting of mineral foundation. Did I mention I LOVE IT? If only I'd had this in high school, maybe I wouldn't have been so self-conscious!! :oD"