Green Eyes Fun Eye Shadow Kit
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Green Eyes Fun Eye Shadow Kit

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You get 5 high quality 3g sifter jars of colors.

Each jar contains .5 (1/2) gram

For green eyes, this kit contains:

Rosey Ice is a warm pink with iridescent shades of icey blue/white.

Frosty Plum is a deep, rich purple with a gorgeous sheen.

Old Gold: Not looking for a thousand watt yellow gold? Try Old Gold and get the more subdued cousin. Gold is sparkle bright while Old Gold is shimmer and has a darker yellow tint.

Copper: Bold, bright, and gloriously metallic, Copper is a jaw-dropping show stopper when applied even with moderation. This is what copper pennies SHOULD look like when they're first minted. But of course the Fed wants you to spend the money, not stare at it in awe.

Starry Eyed: Rich primary blue with a slight turquoise sheen and loads of sparkle..

Give your old makeup the brush off!!