Hazel Eyes Matte Everyday Shadow Kit
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Hazel Eyes Matte Everyday Shadow Kit

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This eye shadow kit is formulated for those with hazel eyes, however they will look fantastic on anyone!!

You get 5 big 3g pots of eye shadow colors with sifters.

Each jar contains .5 (1/2) gram

For hazel eyes, this kit contains 5 eye shadow colors:

Toile- Sheer rosy pink with tan/brown base eye shadow, this color is perfect for every day!

Castle- A nicely workable medium gray with a lightly smoky blue haze.

Thistle- Medium brown eye shadow on the plum side of the spectrum. Excellent eyeliner!

Enchantress- A matte medium pink which blends out into a dark rosy reddish pink color eye shadow.

Prince- If the pastels had to choose their royalty, this eye shadow would be it. Prince isn't a pure powder blue or a pure lilac purple but a breathtaking combination of the two. With its very wearable matte finish, Prince can be dressed up with a bold eyeliner or made casual by leaving plain.

Give your old makeup the brush off!


"I am a make-up snob....I admit it. No idea how I got this way, but I have tried more department store brands than I care to admit :) But these eyeshadows ROCK!!!!! I mean really! Just a *whisper* of the color on an applicator goes a long way and the colors are true and long-wearing. Really, you should get an award or *something*. I'm truly blown away by the quality. Now, I just have to decide on what to buy next!!! Thank you!!!"