Medium Foundation with Large Vegan Brush Kit
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Medium Foundation with Large Vegan Brush Kit

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You will get 1 medium 20 gram container of your choice of colors mineral makeup, this holds 3.5 grams of foundation! Also you will get a large vegan kabuki brush. Try the application with a regular brush, then the kabuki and see the difference! 


Application Instructions:

1. Swirl kabuki brush in small amount of Pink Quartz Minerals™ foundation.

2. Tap bottom of brush handle on counter to load brush.

3. Tap once over container to remove excess minerals.

Apply starting at chin in a circular motion moving upward. The makeup should “melt” onto your skin. The secret to using mineral makeup is to apply it in very sheer layers. It is the light refracting qualities of the pure minerals that give it the ability to cover the skin naturally and allow your inner beauty to shine forth.


Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic are just the beginning..

Made without bismuth oxychloride and other irritants.

Absolutely NO harsh preservatives: the pure, natural mineral formula will not expire if kept cool and dry.

Truly effective luxury makeup that is vegan and cruelty-free.

Completely weightless, bare-face feeling makes Pink Quartz Minerals the perfect choice for anyone who loves putting her best face forward but “hates wearing makeup”.

Unlike other brands, the cosmetic grade mineral pigments in Pink Quartz Minerals allow complete control over how much or how little coverage and color you want from a single product.

So gentle, breathable, and safe, you can actually sleep in it. Protects skin from everyday pollutants and even protects your skin from irritations due to touching finger oils to your face. All Images and Text on this site protected by copyright (c)2006-2012 Pink Quartz Minerals All Rights Reserved


****I strongly suggest if you have not tried my foundations previously, that you purchase samples first, or a sample kit, instead of this. This listing is for those who have tried on my foundation and know their match. Due to the nature of the product, it is not returnable. If you have any questions please contact me! Thank you!


Twilight- White.

Alabaster -This is as close to white as I can come without being white. Give it a try if nothing else has ever been light enough for you.

Parchment- Light shade for very pale complexions and has a slight pink undertone.

Icing - Extra Light neutral shade

Sonnet- Light shade for pinkish skin match or corrects skin with sallow(yellow) undertones.

Chablis - Cool shade for yellowish or asian skin match or corrects skin with pink undertones.

Cream - Light neutral shade.

Bliss- Natural shade, the most popular shade and has a slight pink undertone.

Moonmist- Neutral shade with a tad more yellow or helps correct slight pink undertones.

Grace - Pinkish shade for light/medium skin or corrects skin with sallow (yellow) undertones.

Almond- Light/medium neutral shade.

Oasis - Medium yellow based shade or corrects skin with pink undertones.

Mirage - Yellow based shade or corrects skin with pink undertones.

Sand - Medium/Dark neutral shade.

Ecru - Dark neutral shade.

Divinity - Tan shade for medium skin and has a slight pink undertone or corrects skin with sallow (yellow) undertones.

Charisma - Yellow based shade for medium-dark skin or corrects skin with red undertones.

Cherish - More yellow based than mirage, but less than Charisma or corrects skin with red undertones.

Tawny- Extra Dark neutral shade. Ginger - Yellow based shade with pink for darker complexions on the more peach/red side.

Why use a kabuki brush for mineral makeup? Kabuki brushes are dense so it's easier to load the makeup in them. Apply using a circular or swirling motion on your face. This is important, you do not want to drag across your skin like you are painting, as that causes the mica and other minerals to lay flat on your skin. Swirling lifts the minerals and creates even coverage.