Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Stitches Halloween
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Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Stitches Halloween

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This is a quick application of the new Sally Stitches Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween makeup! Not for children, this base contains ultramarine blue. There is plenty in this kit to create a full Sally look, there is enough base to cover face, neck, arms and enough black to add all the stitches, the creativity is up to you! You will get in this kit: 1 jar of Sally Blue Base 1 small jar of Black 1 small jar of Dark Blue for eye shadow 2 Fine liner brushes 1 Sponge wedge Add some base to a different bowl and add only a few drops of water at a time. To make a smoother look, apply moisturizer evenly all over and let completely soak in before applying base. Once base is dry, rub it to smooth it out! This base contains Ultramarine Blue- NOT lip safe!