Stage and Halloween Costume Makeup White Base and 2 Colors
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Stage and Halloween Costume Makeup White Base and 2 Colors

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Ready for Halloween, this kit contains 2 pots of your choice of colors Halloween kid safe, non-toxic mineral makeup, along with a large pot of White Base makeup!

Your choice of 2 colors from the charts, I can make all the eye shadow colors in my halloween makeup formula, so you will not get the eye shadows but similar colors in the halloween formula. If you don't see the colors you want, let me know.

NOTE: I cannot make true red. I can only make an orangy red or a brick red. True red requires the use of dyes or carmine, neither of which I use in my makeup.

Tired of gloppy, greasy halloween makeup that dries hard and crackly?

Does your Halloween makeup crack off?

Try our NEW Pink Quartz Minerals Halloween Makeup White Base!

We spent quite a bit of time in trial and error testing to come up with the perfect white base formula!

Just use as is, or add a few drops of water and it literally paints on!

Use the sponge applicator included, or any paintbrushes can be used, or fingers, Q-tips, whatever!

Completely safe- Non-toxic ingredients (it's our minerals!)and, it's good for your skin.

Instructions for use included, you supply the creativity!

Thank you Krista for the Medusa picture! Krista used a fishnet stocking as a stencil to create the snakeskin effect. Krista says "Your makeup worked PERFECTLY! Not only did it go on easily, (even more so when wet) it stayed on ALL NIGHT LONG! I'm attaching a picture! Thank you so much. I will be sure to do business with you again! What a wonderful product."

Washes right off with soap and water!

You Get:
1 sponge applicator
1 large pot of matte base white
2 pots of your choice of colors makeup