Translucent Veil
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Translucent Veil

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This translucent powder is the perfect primer and setting powder for mineral makeup, or any makeup! You can wear this alone or under or over makeup.

It is translucent, so although white when you start, it disappears into your skin! I do not offer colored Veil, as this is specially formulated to be see-through! Foundation is where you get your base color.

This fantastic powder sets your makeup and the mica gravitates towards any lines or wrinkles and reflects the light AWAY from flaws! It creates the perfect "soft glow" optical illusion.

Pink Quartz Minerals Translucent Veil comes in 3 sizes.
Medium- 3.5 grams in a 20 gram sifter pot.
Wide- 5 grams in a 25 gram sifter pot.
Large- 7 grams in a 20 gram sifter pot.