Twilight Character Makeup Kit BE the Vamp
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Twilight Character Makeup Kit BE the Vamp

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Inspired by the Twilight vampire theme, you too can vamp up your makeup! Going to a movie opening party? Just want to go with it?

Try our new Twilight foundation color! Yes, it's very light- nearly white in fact. It won't completely cover your skin tone, but it will definitely lighten it to a vampish pale!

Also included are the eye shadows shown on our lovely model Angel from She is wearing Karmic Red on her inner bottom lid and forming a tear in the inner corner of her eye. Under that and on the rest of her lid is Black Steel.

Between the base foundation and the eye shadows, you will be Vamptastic!

Kit Includes:
1 3.5g in 20g pot of Twilight foundation
1 1g in 5g pot of Karmic Red
1 1g in 5g pot of Black Steel
1 Vegan Baby Kabuki brush
1 Apple flavored lip balm in deep red color- Bella